EQM for your business

When you are awarded the Environmental Quality Mark, we are recognising that you’re proud of your place and that you are doing your best to reduce your impact on the environment.

How you benefit

Joining the scheme opens up a whole network of supportive and like-minded people in your area.

We also give you the tools to make your business more profitable by helping you use resources more efficiently and by helping you learn from others.

Plus, this is an official recognition of what you are doing for your area and the environment–it gives your business or organisation a mark or distinction.

Who is it for?

The Environmental Quality Mark is not just for profit-making businesses, it can be applied to a wide range of organisations or events.

Here are some examples of organisations and businesses who could apply for the EQM:

  • a recurring community event
  • a community pub or shop
  • an organisation like a school or church
  • a micro business employing just one person
  • a global business employing thousands of people

Because the EQM award is non-competitive, a wide range of businesses and organisations can apply and be successful.

There are breeders and brewers and B&Bs, enthusiasts of rope, soap and cream teas–EQM is for everyone, however big or small.

When we inspect, we are not only looking at your business or organisation in terms of its environmental impact, we also see it through the eyes of your customers or end users.

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