Is EQM for you?

EQM is for everyone

The Environmental Quality Mark is not just for profit-making businesses. We welcome applications from community enterprises or events, as well as public or not-for-profit organisations. 

Because the EQM award is not competitive, a wide range of organisations and businesses - large and small - can apply.

Successful award holders include B&Bs, farmers, brewers and soap-makers. Take a look at our existing award holders.

Felicity and David from Hoe Grange Holidays

Is your business a good fit for the EQM?

The Environmental Quality Mark is an award presented to a business or organisation that has proved it: 

  • helps to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the local area 
  • minimises the local and global environmental impact of its activities, safeguarding and protecting natural resources
  • helps customers understand, enjoy and conserve the special qualities of the local area
  • plays an active role in the economic and social well-being of both local and global communities 

If this sounds like your organisation, we’d love to welcome you to the EQM community. Register today to get started.


When you start the journey to become an EQM award holder, everyone benefits:

  • you and your business 
  • your customers
  • your community and the global community
  • the environment

Joining the scheme opens up a whole network of supportive and like-minded people in your area. We also give you the tools to make your business more profitable by helping you use resources more efficiently and by helping you to learn from others.

Plus, the award is an official recognition of what you are doing for your area and the environment. It gives your business or organisation a mark of distinction.

Read more about business benefits in your region:

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