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By choosing to buy from an EQM award holder, you can be sure that you’re supporting a business that is doing good for the planet and people.

Our award holders also strive to give their customers the best possible service and experience. Click on the links below to browse our directory of award holders by region or business category.

EQM award holders

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Our award holders have demonstrated that they:

Care about the environment

  • work to reduce the environmental impacts of their business activities, both locally and globally
  • actively protect and help nature on their doorstep
  • make it easier for their customers to make eco-friendly choices

Are connected to where they live and work

  • actively safeguard and promote the area’s special qualities and heritage
  • are involved in and give back to their community
  • support other local businesses 

Value people

  • are an ethical employer (where applicable)
  • give back to improve the economic and social well-being of global communities 
  • strive to provide the best experience to their customers 

If this sounds like your business or organisation, we invite you to apply for the EQM award to get official recognition and tailored support from our experienced and friendly team.

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